About Ciblant
What service does the Ciblant web site provide?
Ciblant's mission is to find the best tech product information on the Web. We help our users find news, reviews, first looks, opinion pieces and more from the best quality sources on the Web. We cover popular consumer electronics such as mobile devices, digital cameras and laptops, and we are expanding our coverage to other areas as we grow.
What's the difference between Ciblant and other search sites?
Ciblant is a search engine combined with an editorial service. Human editors (yes, real human beings) check and classify each article before a link to it is published to the Ciblant site. In this way, our readers enjoy access to only quality, relevant and informative content. We exclude repeat information, unrelated links or biased information.

Products are classified according to their most important features so that you can browse according to your needs or interests.

Which products will you cover?
We cover popular consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, DSLRs, laptops, TVs, and we are constantly expanding our coverage. Do fill in the product coverage request form if you would like other areas to be covered.
How do you choose your reviews?
We have built up a database of reliable sources that we monitor constantly to bring you updates as they occur. The sources include popular large web sites, blogs, expert user sites, as well as selected corporate web sites.

We select links that provide quality, relevant and informative content to our readers. Some of these links are suggested by our readers, and we are most pleased to place reader-suggested links on the site. Please fill in the recommend a link form if you have a link that you think would be of interest to the users of the site.

Do you make product recommendations?
No, we do not. We let our readers make their own opinions about a product by giving them a balanced set of information available on the Web.
Who's behind Ciblant?
Ciblant is run by a group of long-time internet professionals who believe that search technology on the Internet can still be improved in many ways.
How can I contact you?
Please fill in the contact form. We'll be delighted to get back to you if you wish.